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My Experience of 2 night 3 days Pokhara City Tour in Nepal

I was completely unplanned about spending my short holiday in Nepal. I had just 5 days to spend in this tiny country. I spent my 2 days out of my 5 days in Kathmandu. I visited Kathmandu Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square and Bhaktapur Durbar Square including Pashupatinath temple and Boudhanath Stupa. While visiting these places in Kathmandu, I got a chance to know the brave history of Nepal. I enjoyed my 2 days at its fullest here.

I chose for 2 night 3 days Pokhara City Tour in Nepal to spend my remaining days at its peak. So, I took a Tourists bus to Pokhara which was arranged by Visit Heaven Treks company. The journey to Pokhara was started from the place so called Kantipath at 7:30 sharp in the morning. I was in the window seat, so I enjoyed the scenic natural beauty of Nepal on the way to Pokhara. It is approximately 204 km or 127 miles west from the Kathmandu city. It was already 15:00 on my wrists when reached the lakeside of Pokhara. One of the Nepalese friend said that it takes generally 6 to 6.5 hours to reach Pokhara but due to traffic we were a bit late.

After being fresh, I was taken to one of the most beautiful stupa in Pokhara, the World Peace Pagoda. It took approx. 20 minutes of drive from lakeside and then after approx. 20 -25 minutes of walk, we finally reached the sacred place. The panoramic view from World Peace stupa was just awesome. In the north, one can clearly enjoy the transparent view of the great Annapurna Himalayan range with spectacular Phewa Lake at the bottom. I found this place popular in both natural beauty and religion point of view as well. After spending my golden time in this place, I was back to lakeside for my dinner.


The next day of my 2 night 3 days Pokhara City Tour started at sharp 8:00 after my breakfast. At the very first I was taken to the oldest temple in the city, the Bindhyawasini temple which took around 15 minutes of short drive from the lakeside. Unlike World Peace Stupa was famous for Buddhism, I found this place famous for Hindu religion point of view. I saw huge number of Hindu devotees in this place.

Then, I was taken to one of the natural cave of Pokhara, the Mahendra Cave after approx. 15 minutes of drive from Bindhyawasini temple. I found this cave popular for its beauty and also for religious point of view as well. The cave is rich in natural limestone architecture.

Then, I was taken to Butterfly museum which was located inside Prithvi Narayan Campus premises. It took around 10 minutes to reach this place. I found the museum popular for not only the collections of butterflies all over Nepal but other animals and birds as well. The wall architecture representing the wildlife was just amazing.

The next destination from Butterfly museum was International Mountain Museum which took approx. 20 minutes of drive. If you’re interested about the international history regarding mountains and mountaineering, then it’s the best place to explore. I found everything inside the museum which I was keen interested to know about the mountains and the mountain peoples as well.

Then, I was taken to one of the amazing waterfalls in Pokhara. Yeah, of course it’s Davis Falls. It took around 10 minutes of drive from the International Mountain Museum. It is so amazing that water when it falls, forms an underground tunnel after reaching the bottom. It is said that the tunnel is 150 m long and runs 31 m below the ground level.

Then, I was taken to another wonderful Hindu cave known as Gupteshwor Mahadev cave which lies in 2 minutes’ walk from the Davis Falls. I found amazing natural architecture inside the cave. It was also said that the water from Davis falls passes through this cave right after exiting the underground tunnel.

It was already 14:00 when I exited out of this cave. It was my lunch time, so I was headed towards the lakeside to grab it soon. Then, my Nepalese friend requested me to try something amazing near Pokhara and told me to try out exploring Begnas lake which was approx. 19 km from the lakeside. As I was newer in the place, I was completely agreed to do so. After the continuous drive of approx. 35 minutes towards the east, I finally reached the destination at around 15:30. I found the lake amazing as he said and crystal clear as well. Boating around the lake was just awesome. After spending few hours in this paradise, I was back to lakeside.

The next morning, I was headed towards Kathmandu after the breakfast, as the day after was my international departure to France. And, that’s how I concluded my 2 night 3 days Pokhara City Tour. At that moment I thought; I wish I could have more days in Pokhara. It became a lifetime memory for me and can be yours as well.

My Itinerary for 2 night 3 days Pokhara City Tour in Nepal:

Day 01: Drive to Pokhara – 7 hrs approx. and drive to World Peace Stupa – approx..20 minutes

Day 02:

  • After Breakfast:

Drive to Bindhyawasini temple, Mahendra Cave, Butterfly Museum, International Mountain Museum, Davis Falls, Gupteshwor Mahadeva Cave

  • After Lunch:

Drive to Begnas Lake

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